Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity – Deadline


Are you a community leader who is passionate about health equity?
Apply to join the 2023 Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity cohort.

The application for the 2023 Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity cohort is now open. The application will close on May 1, 2022 11:59pm EDT. Sign up for the mailing list to receive important application updates and other news from the program.

Register for the March 24 Informational Webinar.

Fellows will be selected based on demonstrated commitment in the area of health equity and leadership potential. The program will build and support a group of global, multidisciplinary leaders equipped with the technical knowledge, skills and network to advance health equity in their organizations and communities. The program will select 10 fellows based in the U.S. and 10 fellows from outside the U.S. per year.

Who Should Apply

Individuals who:

  • Want to become global leaders in the elimination of health disparities

  • Are early to mid-career

  • Are currently engaged in health-related work

  • Are currently in leadership or a position that has potential for leadership

  • Value diverse perspectives

  • Enjoy working in groups

The Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity program is designed to bring together the many diverse industries and professions that influence health and well-being including, but not limited to: art, law, business, academia, government, journalism, social enterprise, research, media, housing, and health care delivery. Explore what the program has to offer.

Application Timeline

March 1, 2022: Application opens
March 24, 2022: Informational webinar
May 1, 2022: Application closes
June 2022: First round of applicant interviews
July 2022: Second round of applicant interviews
August 2022: Applicant acceptance notifications go out

Application Requirements


Your personal information will only be used for the purpose of contacting you regarding your application. We will not share this information with any third parties.

  • You will be asked to provide information about you, your employment setting, professional field, etc.
  • Things to note, include:
    • Country of citizenship (primary citizenship if you have citizenship in multiple countries)
    • Country that you work and reside in (this determines if you are an international or domestic applicant)


This brief statement (no more than 500 words) should address the reasons you want to be a fellow, including:

  • A discussion of your major strengths and unique personal and leadership characteristics
  • A description of your experience and contributions in health equity, either in your work or through community or volunteer service.
  • Plans for continued development of your health equity leadership skills after you complete the fellowship. Explain how you will contribute to the development of health equity at the national, regional or local level in conjunction with your employer. Also, how you envision the fellowship experience will affect your overall career goals and direction.


This proposal should describe one health equity project you would like to complete during the fellowship term. The project should focus on a topic that is aligned with issues that you and/or your organization(s) focus on. The project is a key part of the overall leadership learning experience and you will be coached regularly by the AFHE faculty team. Your project description should include the following:

  • Introduction, Goal, & Vision (limit 500 words): This section should include an overview of the health equity topic for the project, details of why this is important and the location of the project. What is your goal for this project? What is your hopeful vision of the future and how will your project move you closer to this vision?
  • Timeline: Provide a clear, measurable timeline for your project proposal including a completion date.
  • Institutional Support: Describe any financial or in‐kind resources your organization will make available to assist you to implement the proposed project during the fellowship.


  • Employer support form:
    • This form must be completed by someone in a direct supervisory role and should confirm your employer’s support of your participation in the fellowship program. By providing us with a completed employer support form, you are confirming your employer’s willingness to assist in your education and professional development as you pursue change leadership for health equity. You must upload a completed Statement of Employer Support form PRIOR to submitting the application.
  • Letters of recommendation (2)
    • These should be professional references who are willing to be contacted in the final selection process in addition to providing you a letter of recommendation. At least one of these should be from someone in a direct supervisory role (this can be the same person that receives the employer support form).
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)or Resume


We are dedicated to building a diverse fellowship program and this information will help inform our recruitment efforts. Refusal to provide self-identifying information will not affect your application. Responses will remain confidential within the program.

Note: If you believe you are facing extenuating circumstances that prohibit you from completing certain elements of the application, please contact directly regarding your concerns and potential accommodation. Your description of extenuating personal circumstances should address why you are unable to submit certain elements of the application. Please note that any such requests should be placed well before the application deadline. Examples include fear of discrimination/personal injury as a result of completing application elements, recent unemployment, and/or other circumstances. If you believe this applies to your circumstances please contact the program.

Selection Criteria

Fellows are chosen for the next step of the application process by the strength of their statement of interest, including past accomplishments that demonstrate a strong commitment to health equity, the quality of their project proposal, the strength of their recommendation letters and the completion of the employer support form.

Program Objectives

  • Know Disparities

  • Combat Inequity

  • Build Leaders

  • Create a Network

Program Expectations

Selected fellows will need to:

  • Attend 4 in person convenings throughout the year (5-week time commitment)

  • Participate in the online curriculum that includes: biweekly online classes, individualized coaching, peer mentoring, and team-based learning (12-16 hours per month)

  • Be proficient in the English language

Please note that all educational experiences and travel expenses related to participation in the fellowship will be covered by the program.