Conference of the Scientific Network on Female Sexual Health & Cancer

November 14, 2019 – November 15, 2019 all-day
Columbus, OH
Ohio State University
Scientific Network on Female Sexual Health and Cancer ("The Network"
(952) 683-9044

November 13, 2019
Pre-Conference CME Course: Highlighting the Needs of Special Cancer Populations

November 14-15, 2019:
7th Conference of the Scientific Network: Brightening Futures: Improving Sexual Health for Adolescent and Young Adult Survivors

This year’s conference theme is “Brightening Futures: Improving Sexual Health for Adolescent and Young Adult Survivors.” Our goal is to highlight the unique struggles that adolescent and young adult (AYA) women face with regard to their disease, survivorship, and sexuality. Our invited speakers will highlight broad and sexuality-specific survivorship issues for AYA women, areas of concern for LGBTQ patients, and onco-fertility. As is our tradition, we will also be welcoming one of our local survivors to offer her perspectives during Thursday evening’s dinner.

In conjunction with the conference, the Scientific Network is offering a pre-conference CME course, “Female Sexual Function After Cancer: Highlighting the Needs of Special Cancer Populations.” The course aims to help close a significant gap in care for female cancer survivors by providing clinicians with the knowledge, tools, and training to address the sexual side effects of cancer treatment. The course will focus on gold-standard practices in sexual health after cancer, delivering targeted intervention for these “special populations” of female patients and survivors, and how to develop and disseminate appropriate resources for these patients.

The pre-conference CME Course, held on November 13, is geared towards physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and physical therapists who care for women with a history of cancer. However, anyone with an interest in improving the sexual health care of women with cancer is encouraged to attend.